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The material presented here by A&E Equity Investments LLC is for all of our investments in Manufactured Housing Communities or MHC’s. Each MHC is unique and no two being alike, performances of each actual investment will be different. 
The MHC investment will be managed by a company called American Real Estate Resources. A&E Equity Investments LLC will be the Managing Member of the holding entity, (an LLC to be formed at the inception of the project) and the investors will be the members of the new holding entity. Your ownership in the MHC provides solid investment security. Books and records are always open to investors for inspection. Checks from profits are mailed monthly and financial statements sent quarterly. We encourage you or a representative to visit and inspect the subject property.  

In order to help your investment reap what we believe to be minimum  returns on your investment we have setup what we call the "THE  A&E  EQUITY INVESTMENT  PLAN".   We cannot guarantee returns, but if you don't achieve these minimum results A&E Equity Investments LLC will not make any monies either. That's how sure we are of  meeting these returns!

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